About Lasers!

Lasers! is a cell-based puzzle game in which the object is to destroy targets of different colors by shooting them with lasers of matching colors. Players position actuators (mirrors, etc) of various types to enable a level to be solved. Obstacles and enemies make the game a bit more challenging.

The game was originally started as an exercise in x86 assembly programming back in 1994. The game ran in a DOS shell in 800x600 256-color mode. Development was stopped in 1995 due to difficulties with realizing the engine.

Development picked up again in January of 2002, this time as an exercise in C++ and the Linux enviroment. The game is based on the QT 3.x libraries from Trolltech . Coding is being done using KDevelop running under the KDE enviroment ( Mandrake 9.0 ).

System Requirements
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