Lasers! Level Sets

This page contains level sets to play.

To install a level set, download the set you would like and unpack it (if it is a .tar.gz file) into your "./lasers/levels" directory. You can play the level set by selecting "game->new game" from the game menu and selecting the level set in the pop-up dialog.

If you would like to design your own level set, you can find out more in the Level HowTo. If you do build your own set, email me a copy and I'll post it here.

Name Description Game Version Status Download
Test Set This is the level set I use to test with during development. Most of these levels don't offer much of a mental challenge, as they are designed to test out various features of the graphics and the engine. 0.3.x In Progress test.llv
Easy 5x5 Set This set contains a couple simple levels I designed for my kids (they're young). 0.3.x In Progress easy5x5.llv

Name The name of the level set.
Description Describes the set in a little more detail.
Game Version Refers to the version of Lasers! that this level set is compatible with.
Status Refers to the current development status of the level set. A "Complete" set is considered done. "In Progress" means that some development and design is continuing.
Download Click here to download the graphics set.

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