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The following is a description of the different objects involved in Lasers!. Since the game is still in development, this list is not comprehensive. More objects will be added as the game functionality grows. I'm open to suggestions for objects to be included in the game, so if you have any ideas, feel free to send them to me.

Icon Name Description
Tile An empty tile. Tiles can exist independently or under other objects. Objects can only be placed on empty tiles.
Lasers The Lasers come in three colors: Red, Green, and Blue. Lasers may point up, down, left, or right. By using various actuators, beams may be combined to form other colors of light.
Targets Targets come in seven colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, and White. Targets are destroyed by shooting them with an identically-colored beam of light.
Static Mirrors Static Mirrors are double-sided and come in two orientations: UR-DL and UL-DR. They do not move of their own accord, but enemies may move them. The player places all static mirrors during game play.
Half Mirrors Half Mirrors have the same properties as static mirrors, except that the beam is split when it hits them: half reflects off the mirror, the other half proceeds on unaffected.
Rotating Mirrors Rotating Mirrors rotate from time to time. They are not placed by the player, but are positioned inherrently within the level.
Walls Walls come in various shapes to enable construction of contiguous blockades against beam progression. There are currently 16 different shapes to use, but only three of them are shown at left.
Quantum Accelerators Quantum Accelerators are a sort of teleportation device: you shoot the laser in one, it comes out of another.
Optical Switches Optical Switches provide another way of triggering a devices. If the beam hits it, it triggers something else (like another laser, for instance). They come in Red, Green, Blue, and White.
Enemy "A" Enemy "A" is an indestructable entity that is free to roam on any empty tiles in the level. The laser beam is blocked if it hits an Enemy "A".
Enemy "B" Enemy "B" is an indestructable entity that cannot move of its own accord. But due to its extremely low mass, a shot from a laser will push it around on any unoccupied tiles. The laser beam is blocked if it hits an Enemy "B".
Enemy "C" Enemy "C" is an indestructable entity that is free to roam anywhere on the grid, including over other objects and through empty space. An Enemy "C" does not inhibit the beam at all (the beam passes right through it), but an Enemy "C" can adjust your mirrors (and potentially other actuators) if it encounters them.

Objects In the Works
The following objects are still in the planning stages. Look for them in future versions of the game.
Name Description
Enemy "D", Enemy "E", and Enemy "F" Enemies "D", "E", and "F" are still being designed. Potential ideas include reflective enemies and destructible enemies.
Prisms Prisms offer some interesting possibilities. I still haven't decided whether or not they will be included.
Irises Irises (aka beamstoppers or apertures) are a mechanical device that block the beam when closed, but allow it to pass when they are open. Irises would predominantly be triggered by optical switches. Two models would exist: one that opens when triggered, and one that closes when triggered.
Single-surface mirrors The beam will only bounce off of one face.
Destroyable walls Walls that can be destroyed by the laser beam may be interesting...
Gravity Well A gravitational anomoly that causes the beam to bend if it gets too close.
 Filters Allow certain beam colors to pass while blocking others.

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