Lasers! Screenshots

Here's a few early screenshots for the curious.

This is the main screen. Not much to look at right now.
The "New Game" dialog.
A typical level. This one has three blue lasers, a single target, an "Enemy A" and a pair of quantum accelerators.
The same level as above, but with the "Pipes" graphics loaded instead of the default graphics. The mirrors are placed in this shot.
This shot shows the different colors of lasers and the primary targets. It also shows "Enemy A". "Pipes" graphics.
Same as the previous shot, but with the default graphics.
Same level as the previous shot, but with the "Haunted" graphics loaded, and with the level being played. Note that the enemies use different graphics depending on which direction they are moving...
The level builder.
The "About Lasers!" dialog. Information about the level and graphics are present in addition to the info about the game itself.
A level in action. The blue laser in the upper-left corner is being fired. The beam is going into one quantum accelerator and coming out the other one.
Same level in action, but with mirrors placed (and a different laser being fired).

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