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This page contains extra theme files that you can use to customize the look of your game. The theme files don't change the gameplay or the physics of the game at all, just the look.

These themes contain both a compiled theme (.ltf) file, as well as the raw graphics used to compile it.

To install these themes, download the set you would like and unpack it into your "/usr/share/games/lasers/themes/" directory. You can load the theme by selecting "Options->Load Theme" from the game menu and selecting the theme file in the pop-up dialog.

If you would like to design your own theme, you can find out more in the Theme HowTo. Do note that if you do plan on building your own theme, you will want to download the full default theme below as a starting point. This will ease your development later. If you do build your own set, email me a copy and I'll post it here.

Name Description Game Version Status Download
Default The default graphics set that is loaded at game startup 0.2.x Complete default.tar.gz
Small Default Same as the default graphics set, but half the size. Great for lower resolutions. 0.2.x Complete small.tar.gz
Pipes A pipe-based theme. 0.2.x In Progress pipes.tar.gz
Ice A frozen wasteland theme. Requires default set (above) to build. 0.2.x In Progress ice.tar.gz
Fire Sort-of hellish... fire, lava, brimstone, etc. 0.2.x In Progress fire.tar.gz
Haunted Based on a haunted house. Requires default set (above) to build. 0.2.x In Progress haunted.tar.gz

Name The name of the "theme" or general idea behind the graphics set.
Description Describes the graphics set in a little more detail.
Game Version Refers to the version of Lasers! that this graphics set is compatible with.
Status Refers to the current development status of the graphics set. A "Complete" set has unique graphics for all objects. "In Progress" means that some of the graphics are unique, but others are still the "default".
Download Click here to download the graphics set.

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